Recruiting. Ghosting

I recently had the pleasure of attending an HR Conference in Atlantic City sponsored by the NJ BA. One of the common frustrations among the group was candidate ghosting. Ugh!!

You and your HR team are confident that you have done it all, vetted the candidate, and created a positive experience… Yet you still get ignored. What do you do???

Keep an open mind and consider this if it happens to you again:

Respect Their Decision

  • Start by acknowledging that candidates have the right to make choices about their career and communication. Respect their decision, even if you disagree with it.

Send a Final Communication

  • Send a polite and concise final message to the candidate. Express your understanding of their choice while reiterating your interest in maintaining a professional relationship. Let them know that your door is always open should they change their mind in the future.

Reflect on Your Process

  • Examine your recruitment process and communication approach. Is there anything that may have inadvertently discouraged the candidate from engaging? Use this as an opportunity to fine-tune your approach for future interactions.

Move Forward

  • Shift your focus back to your recruitment efforts and ongoing responsibilities. Dwelling on one candidate’s lack of communication can hinder progress in other areas.

Seek Feedback Internally

  • Discuss the situation with your team and gather insights on what could have been done differently. This feedback can help improve your overall candidate engagement strategies.

Keep Channels Open

  • Continue to keep lines of communication open with other candidates. Maintain professionalism and courtesy in all interactions, even if some candidates are unresponsive.

Consider Alternative Candidates

  • If the position remains unfilled, revisit other candidates who were previously considered but not selected. They may still be interested in the opportunity.

Maintain a Positive Image

  • Remember that your interactions, even with candidates who choose not to engage, contribute to your company’s employer brand. Maintain professionalism and a positive reputation throughout the process.

Build a Talent Pipeline

  • Focus on building a robust talent pipeline to reduce the impact of individual candidate decisions. Continue to network and nurture relationships with potential candidates for future roles.

Reflect on Market Conditions

  • Consider external factors that may have influenced the candidate’s decision, such as changes in the job market or personal circumstances. Sometimes, these factors are beyond your control.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Be aware of legal and ethical guidelines regarding candidate engagement and data privacy. Ensure your actions align with these standards.

Learn and Adapt

  • Use this experience as a learning opportunity for both you and your team. Adapt your recruitment strategies, if necessary, to minimize the chances of similar situations occurring in the future.

While candidate ghosting is frustrating, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon in today’s job market.

Maintaining professionalism, respect, and a focus on continuous improvement in your recruitment processes will contribute to your organization’s long-term success in attracting and retaining top talent.