We produce CANDIDATES.


When it comes to hiring, GS is your go to staffing services provider. We get to know your company in order to help provide you with the right professionals to meet your business needs.

The financial space is our specialty. Girardi Staffing can help you connect with top performing bankers at all levels – entry to executive.

At Girardi Staffing, we eat, live, and breathe our employees culture. By doing business this way, we not only find your firm the best candidate, we will increase your bottom line by increasing employee retention.

We only work with top performers, who are talented and extremely driven. We want to help you achieve your goals by hiring only the best. We know you expect extraordinary and we will deliver extraordinary.

With Girardi Staffing you will get personalized service with a single point of contact.

There is a proven track record of exceptional hires.

What is important to you and your teams when searching for a recruiting agency? Whether you are just starting your search or you need some fresh eyes on a project, what is important to you and your company? You need an agency that can produce candidates, understands your business, gets the job done quickly, and as a bonus, an agency with a corporate recruiting background.

Your search is complete. Girardi Staffing has all of this.

How We Can Help

We produce candidates that match your hiring needs. We will only send you relevant resumes.

We understand your business because we come from Commercial Banking; it’s all we do, and it’s all we have done for the past 20 years.

Employers - Girardi Staffing
  • We will get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • We filled two credit roles within 30 days,
  • One PM within 30 days
  • Two Universal Bankers in two weeks
  • One Branch Manager in less than 30 days.
  • 80% of candidates interviewed received an offer.

Our background in corporate recruiting means we understand your demands. We know that you do much more than hire great candidates. Let us help you look like a rock star!

Hiring process improvement

Hiring & Onboarding Process Improvement

Onboarding can be a challenge for new employees, but it’s important to make sure they have a good experience. Some companies offer a lot of support, while others leave new employees to figure things out on their own.

If you’re looking to improve your company’s hiring onboarding process, we have the knowledge and experience to guide help.

Our Specialties


Employee retention


Company career site management


Assistance with onboarding new hires


Finding an effective ATS


Improving recruiting process


Improving new hire onboarding process


Staying compliant

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