It’s winter in my part of the world. It gets dark very early, and it’s been cold already. There isn’t much color outside; it’s mostly gray. For a lot of people, winter means depression. How do we cope with the dark and cold?

What can we do to enjoy the winter months? One way is to leave it! Go on a tropical vacation! Sounds good to me; however, it’s still here when we get back. How about we change our mindset? I like a warm blanket and some hot tea in the evening by the fire. Or hot tea and a fake fireplace when I’m working.

Go out, ski, sled, ice skate, or take a walk in your favorite cozy warm boots.

If we think something or a situation will be bad, it will be bad. However, if we change our mindset to believe that winter is ok and the outcome is a beautiful spring… what else can we change our mindset to? The possibilities are endless!