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Career Counseling

If you need some direction in your career, please let us know. We can help. The past couple of years have been tough, and decisions we made easily before the pandemic may be a challenge to make now. The world of work has completely changed. We can help you navigate that or anything else that may be giving your trouble.

Career Advice and Guidance - Girardi Staffing

Resume Writing

While your resume is essential, there is a lot more time put into making it perfect than time spent on it being reviewed by a recruiter.

Your objectives need to be precise. They also need to match the job that you are applying for. Refrain from saying you want to be a great nurse when applying for a bank job.

List your accomplishments. Recruiters and Hiring Managers don’t want to see a job description. We want to know what you have done to make the organization where you work a better place.
Make sure to use keywords and phrases that will show up in a search.

LinkedIn Profile Updates

How to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  I’ve been on LinkedIn since 2006.  It’s where I hang out. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource!  You can do simple things to ensure that you will get noticed as a professional.


Your profile picture.


Use an up-to-date job title. If you don't have one, list your skills.


Use a detailed location for where you work/live.


The summary section is where you get the chance to tell your story. Use keywords and phrases that will show up in searches.

For more information, please reach out! Rocking your LinkedIn profile is one of our favorite things to do.

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